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wag it

(the app)

The Idea.

A messenger focussed on nuturing short, fun and silly conversations.

(You know, like, at a party, this group of friends in the kitchen. Yeah, this kind of chat)

Here’s an image.
React or you’re out!

Skip or comment: The anit-lame-duck-policy filters lurkes. Joining a chat is only possible by reacting to the initial message

The Thesis:

This kind of conversation emerges when the following conditions are met.

Relevant participants.

To join a chat you have to contribute, that’s a gatekeeper for the uninterested.


The trigger: A message from a friend.

Intimate context.

Send the wag to your friends or your close friends. Or whoever. And just say what comes to mind without posting publicly.

On the left:

A list of conversations, each started by an image or video.

On the right:

A chat started by the image in the upper right corner.

⛵️ Shipped on iOS and Android

R.I.P. ✝ 2018

Wag it was shut down in January 2018.
We had a great time building and using wag it!